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New York Chords

Capo 2nd Fret. This version has the actual lyrics, I checked.

You'll notice on this lead-sheet that a chord will be placed above a word either at the 
start or
end of the word. If it's at the beginning, you change to that chord as you start the 
word. If it's at the end of
the word, you'd change to that chord after you've said the word. That's how he sings it 
at least.

I made this version because the other one only has C-G-Am and the C-G-F-Am works much 
better with the how his
voice sounds in the song, which I'm assuming most of you will be basing your playing off 
of or trying to match.
Listen to the song for how to strum.

I hear the train all night
G                          F     G                C
Sound of it's wind blowing through our subtle lives
C                    G
And I have a job to do walking these cars
        Am           G             C
Walking all this sleep to get to you

            Am            C
But I don't feel you stir beside me
               Am            G
And you're not in my morning hours

Some ties are made to break
G                                  F      G
Some stalks grow high and green to rot away
And feel the weight

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And these lines tell a truth
G                       Am      G       C
These city veins answer all we do

             Am             C
So could you keep me in the pulses
          Am             G
Could you keep me in the sound

C                      G
I got wise and I got old
                         F  G
Not once, not once did I fall
So don't you now

Maybe you bet on me
G                         F            G
While we were still young enough to know
What to believe

For every year you took
G                        F         G
For every soft breath or loving look
Believe me

          Am               C
And don't keep me like you have me
          Am               G
And don't kiss me like you don't

C                      G
I got wise and I got old
                         F  G
Not once, not once did I fall
So don't you now

Some land holds a home
G                     F  G          C
Some of my years only hold me to roam
But I tell myself it's true
G                        F G
You see a home you see a man
You see it too

           Am                 C
And I say