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Blind Guardian Chords & Tabs

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Nightfall Chords

Blind Guardian - Nightfall 

  Am               C
 No sign of life did flicker
    G                   E
 In floods of tears she cried
 Am                  C  
 "All hope's lost it can't be undone
 G                  E  
 They're wasted and gone"

 "Save me your speeches
 I know (They blinded us all)
 What you want                 
 You will take it away from me
 Am                     C
 Take it and I know for sure
 The light she once brought in
    G           Am
 Is gone forevermore"
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      Am                     C  
 Like sorrowful seaguls they sang
 "(We're) lost in the deep shades
 The misty cloud brought
 (A wailing when beauty was gone
 Come take a look at the sky)
 Am                       C
 Monstrous it covered the shore
 G                   E    
 Fearful into the unknown"

 Am                      C
 Quietly it crept in new horror
    G      E  
 Insanity reigned
      Am         C  
 It spilled the first blood
 G                       E 
 When the old king was slain

 C     G
 Am                     E
 Quietly crept in and changed us all
 Quietly crept in and changed us all
 C                  G           E
 Immortal land lies down in agony