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Ursula Major Ursula Minor Chords & Tabs

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Ursula Major Ursula Minor Chords

bleu - ursula major, ursula minor
transcribed by T Swan

i think bleu tunes a half step down but i'm not sure. but you can play this in E minor just as easy.

Intro Ebm - Db

Ebm             Db
Called you up
            Ebm          Db
Just to see what was up
                  Ebm                       Db
Might have been a couple, two, tree months
                 Ebm   F   Gb 
Since we were in touch
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Ab     Gb      Ab
Ursula major
       Gb      Ab
Ursula minor
                    Gb                    Ab
I’m trying to get a little bit brighter
Ebm Db
Ursula minor
Ebm Db
Ursula major

Who are you?
Why are you in the loop?
Is it something we can even do?
Do I want the truth?

Course you’re right
I wasn’t thinking right
You and me were never really right
It’ll be alright

that's basically the whole thing, i love this song.