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Trust Me Chords

Bleu - Trust Me
Transcribed by T. Swan

i'm not above spitting
old cliches
Em                               C
Just to spray you what i need to say

and i'm not above
singing over done love songs
kinda like this one
you light up my life and walk away

it aint easy 
Em            G
letting go, i know you know
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D                Bm
so why don't you trust me
G            A
go ahead and trust me

cause i think yeah
i think you could love me
so go ahead and trust me

            Em          F#m
you've been burned real bad, 
      G        Em       G
but i won't do you like that

and i'm not afraid 
of your ripped ex-boyfriend
i've got muscles he don't even use

and i'm not afraid 
of the to cool for school crowd
thinkin i'm a sellout
just because i sang my song for you

na na-na na na
na-na-na na na