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Light In Your Eyes Chords

"Light in your eyes"
As performed by the Blessed Union of Souls

Standard Tuning 
Capo on 2nd fret

(All chords relative to the capo)


A:   x02220
D:   xx0232
E:   022100
B:   224442
C#m: 446654

Intro:  A D E D (x2)


A       D            E         D             A     D    E    D
I can't remember the last time we kissed goodbye
A         D               E         D           A   D   E	D
All our I love you's were just not enough to survive
E              C#m         D
Something your eyes never told me
         A                     E
But it's only now to plain to see
             C#m             D
Brilliant disguise when you hold me
        B          D	      E
and I'm free

(then verse again)
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I've been thinking and here's what I've come to conclude
Sometimes the distance is more than two people can use
But how could I have known girl
It was time and not space you would need
Darlin' tonight, I could hold you
And you would know, but would you believe

           A            D         E         D
There's a light in your eyes that I used to see
          A             D           E         D
There's a place in your heart where I used to be
      A          D                  E           D
Was I wrong to assume that you were waiting for me
There's a light in your eyes
         D               E           A    D   E   D    
Did you leave that light burning for me



Bridge:	 A D E D 



(end strumming A once)

I learned this song for a very special friend of mine and I hope this helps
correct some of the incorrect tabs that are out there for this song.  Email any
comments or questions to  Thanks for everything you've done
for me Katelyn!