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Sweet Embrace Chords

This is a strange formatted song, but very beautiful none-the-less....

(Verse 1)

G            Em           C
Time, falls away, every time
I think of her
         G             Em              C
Endless days, hand in hand, walk the sand,
Starlight gaze
              G             Em
Never walked away, from the way,
         C             D
We both knew, we both felt
       G             Em             C
Every hour, of every day, told us this,
Is how heaven feels
         G            Em
Love is real, love is true
       C              D
Day by day, night by night

(Chorus 1)

G              C             D
Love comes and goes, no one knows
for sure
G              C      D      
So live every day, as if it were 
your last

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Em                 C
Still remember the phone call
        G             D
And the knocks at the door
      Em                  C
Said, Son there’s been an accident
    G                D
Now please come with us
Em          C           G       D
On the road on the way, over to me
Em                        C
The rain was hard and the night was cold
    G           D
And she lost control

(Chorus 2)

G              C             D
Life comes and goes, no one knows
For sure
G              C       D        
So live, every day, as if it were
Your last

(Verse 2)
     G                   Em
As I walked, through the door,
          C          D
There she lay, oh so still
           G                    Em
I took her hand, as she held my heart
            C               D
She said my love, I’m oh so scared
          G              Em            C
Heart and soul, there we were, side by side
Sweet embrace
     G               Em
And, she closed here eyes
         C               D
And her smile, began to fade
G           Em               C
I held her close, whispered soft,
Don’t be afraid
    G        Em         C        D
And I, knelt down and began, to pray
       G             Em
Saying God take her home
          C       D
Where my angel belongs

    G           Em       C
And she… faded away… in that…
D          G           Em       C       D       G………………(fade out)
Sweet… embrace……