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Audio Day Dream Chords

I tabbed the chords out for the whole album, not the Intro and Outro and not a few
But i'll tell you the Intro to the album "Silence is Golden.." is in the key of Em, so work
that. this is a great album as his debut, blake is amazing. this is good for just an 
guitar to sing along or have someone sing with you. I'm not entirely sure of this,
most of it is right. Enjoy!

1. Break Anotha

Verse - Em, C, B (repeats for the chorus and bridge and pre choruses)

2. Gots to Get Her

Intro - Am, Am/G#, G, E (x2)

Verse - Am, D, Am

Chorus - Same as Intro

3. Know My Name - No Chords Available

4. How Many Words

Verse - Em, C, D

Pre- Chorus - G, C, D, C

Chorus - Em, C, G, D

5. Surrender

Verse, Chorus, Intro, Everything - Am, F, C, G

6. Hate 2 Love Her

Everything - Am, C, G, F

7. Without You

Intro and Chorus - G, D, Em, D, C

Bridge - Em, C, G, D

Second time for the Bridge - Em, C, D

8. Here's My Hello

Verse - Cm

Pre Chorus - G#, D#, G#

Chorus - Cm, D#, A#, G#

9. What'cha Got To Lose - No Chords Available

10. She's Makin' Me Lose It
[ Tab from: ]
Verse - G# (strum the E and B notes (4th fret or 16th fret, switch it up) of the G#
make it sound funky)

Chorus - G#, Db, F#, G#

Post Chorus - B, Db

11. BShorty Grabs the Mic! [Live] - No Chords Available

12. End of the World

Everything - G#, Db, Eb, Db

13. 1000 Miles

Intro - D
Verse - D, Bm, A, G

Pre Chorus - Bm, G then Bm, A, G

Chorus -  D, A, Bm, G

Post Chorus - Bm, G

Bridge - Bm, A, G, A

14. I Got U

Everything - G, C, Em, D

Now this is very etchy, and all of it may not be right. It may be confusing. Just listen
the songs. These are close to what is being played, or it could be spot on. It might
be wrong. But you decide and you can change it to make it sound better to your own ear. 
sounds right to me. Anyway, this album rules and this tab is just for acoustic guitar
singing (cause Blake is Dance Beats, this is a different style, kind of). anyway, enjoy!

ps - some of the songs had no chords cause either A - they really had no guitar or B - i
like the song that much, and i found it to hard to find out the guitar. It's hard cause
is dance music, so it's going to be cool if you just sing it (or find a singer) and play 
guitar on it (or find someone who plays guitar). anyway, enjoy!