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Girl Next Door Tab

Girl Next Door
Tunning- EADGBE

 B--5--5--5--5--- 5--5---5---5- 7--7--7---7-------10---10---10---10--------------------
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 This is the main and only riff
 The verse is a little fast but when you reach the chorus it slows down a little

 No music for the first line of lyrics

 When were you going to call me about friday night?
 You lied to me and said
 That you where sick in bed
 But you where all right
 Am I really that bad?
 Am I really that bad?

If you don’t want me around you 
Then don’t say hi
If you don’t want to me to call you
Then don’t say hi
Just stop controlling my mind
Just stop controlling my mind 
And say goodbye

You hang with me on a Sunday night
Then you go and see your old man
And you forget about what we've had
I'm tired of chasing around
A girl who's only gonna bring me down