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Highway Song Tab

hello people this is a great song i arranged this for acoustic guitar
standard tuning capo on the first fret 
intro=em cd em cd am7 //D E                              cd=000010
another day another dollar
  em             cd

after i sing and holler
  em           cd

it's my way of living and i cant change a thing
  am7                 D                   em 

another town is growin near
   em             cd

oh baby i wish you were here
    em            cd

and the only way i can see you darlin is in my dreams.
  am7                   D                  E
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it's a highway song singing on and on
 E            am7  bm      bm7    em

well the hurt you leave behind is the hurt that's on your mind
oh and last night's show took it's toll on me
well the city lights fly by me 
as i lay my body in my bed 
oh and dreams of you dance through my head

it's a highway song 
 em          am7
singing on and on 
  bm       bm7
on and on

highway song
is as lately 
 bm      bm7

as the road i'm on 

yeah the big whells are ready to roll
we've been flying high and so low
lord all this madness ain't as crazy as it seems
everywhere they stop and starde
i'm just a stranger on this road 
oh i stand alone only in my dreams
chorus+2 times