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January Chords

This is my first time uploading chords. I copied it from another site and fixed them up a bit.

The plucking pattern is roughly like shown below. The plucked strings might vary from 
chord to chord but mainly that's the pattern.



Dsus2                    F#
The cold that burns The tide that drift away
Bm  A     G            Em7
No more talks about tomorrow
A                    Bm        A    G
The past is gone and all that was today
               Em7           G            D
I cant forget the cold That fell January day
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Dsus2                   F#
Seasons change for the rain he washed away
Bm   A  G              Em7
All the smiles and the tears
A                      Bm       A         G
What's in between and all one's hopes and fears
               Em7               G     D
I feel that January's cold shall never disappear

F# Em7 G      Dsus2
Empty sky the bitterness unfolds
F#          G
Its hard to hold a memory
When there's nothing left to hold
F#        Em7
Rain rain rain
    G                   D
The desert kills what's left inside
    F#                        G           Dsus2
Its hard to live when all you wanna do is die

Dsus2                    F#
The book is done No more pages left to turn
Bm   A  G               Em7
No more letters left to write
A                 Bm      A      G
nothings left for whom it may concern
      Em7               G             Dsus2
January's cold shall forever live on
      Em7               G             Dsus2
January's cold shall forever live on