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Nervous Breakdown Chords

Nervous Breakdown By Black Flag

Verse 1:
D5A5/// B5/// E5B5///
I'm a--bout to
A5/// D5A5///  B5/
Have a nervious breakdown
B5//E5B5//     A5///D5A5///
My head really hurts
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		G5    	   A5         B5  		B5 A5 G5     A5\G5     A5\G5
		I don't care what ya fuckin' do		   I don't care what ya fuck
		G5	   A5         B5   	    B5 A5 G5     A5\G5  A5\G5
		in' say		   I'm so sick of ev'rything
		B5	     B5 A5 G5  A5\G5   A5\G5  B5
		I just wanna die
		B5///	E5B5/// 	A5///D5A5/// 	B5///E5B5/// A5///D5A5///
		if I don't find a wayoutta here    Boom boom I'll    Go beserk
		G5	  A5	 B5///////////////B5 A5 G5 A5\G5 A5/G5    G5   A5   B5         		  	'cuz I'm crazy and I'm hurt 		head on my shoulders	   
		B5 A5 G5  A5\G5 A5\G5		A5    B5//////////////////
				It's going berserk

Verse 2:
  B5///    E5B5////
I hear the same old talk about
A5/// D5A5////
The same old lies
  B5///    E5B5//////
Don't do me that today, yeah
  A5//////          D5A5//////////////
If ya know what's good for you you'll get outta my way (chorus)

(same chords as above)
Verse 3: 
I won't apologize
For actin' outta line
You see the way I am
You leave any time you can, (chorus)

Verse 4:
B5/// E5B5////
B5/// E5B5///
B5/// E5B5///