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Tornado Chords

Black Crowes "Tornado" 

This is cool country style acoustic song off thier "lost crowes" album
the song is pretty simple has 3 basic movements that repeat twice
pretty sure the lyrics are right easy to follow if you have a copy of the song.  
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332010 c
320003 g
020003 e/g?
022000 em
002220 a 
000232 d
335543 cm
  g                                     c
 Sit down by the window and watch the tornado
 Heard you saw some friends of mine last winter
                g          e/g                 em
 Wait for the sheriff to bring some dirty water by
 then agian, i heard you disappeared into either
  g                               c   
 help yourself out to some of my disaster
 I dont laugh and you smile because i'm tired
              g            e/g                 em
 its moving faster than the last time i was on speed
 I'm feeling wired so weary and oh so old

 dont you know what i mean?
 am i being too bold?
                     d                       c            g
 cause its ways and means and your ways are mean by definition
 bold enough to ask you if you really love me
           d                c                 g
 I could fill this book up with this boy's ambition
 in my shadow on yes and in my breeze
  cm                            d
 but I dont audition, no thats true
 but just one more thing, please let me say, 
                cm        d
 I could never act for you
 is for yout to stay away from me