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An Echo A Stain Chords

This is my first tab for ultimate guitar. I would be lying to say it was my first tab
ever, lol!

This song is deceptively simple after the first chord is known. What is important is how
you improvise around the diminished chords while maintaining the strange, creepy
ambience. The actual song doesn't use an instrument that fades away. I have indicated 
some notes in brackets, they shoud be at the top of the chord to support the pitch of the voice.

I have also indicated which register of the instrument to use in some places that works
best to create a sense of direction

Good luck and I hope you enjoy! :)

Fdim/G (High register)(F)
she touched
my arm
and smiled

Fdim/G (top G)     (F)         (E)
one of these days soon : very soon
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Fdim/G (F) (E)
love you   til then
(E)      (D)  (start moving to 1 octave below opening)
love you til then
(G)         (F)
feel my breath
on your neck
and your heart will race

Fdim (B) (middle register, or around middle C)
(F)         (E)
don't say no to me
(F)              (D)
you can't say no to me
(G)         (F)
I won't see you


(Fdim)        Fmin/[ch]Maj7[/ch]   (low register)
I'm sorry you saw that
I'm sorry he did it
an echo
Fmin(sus2) [ch]Maj7[/ch] (G)
a stain...
[ch]Fdim5[/ch] (high C)
a stain...

Fdim (F)       (E)
I can't say no to you
I can't say no to you
say nothing