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Jonesin' For A Newbie Chords

Jonesin’ for a Newbie – Bix Wizmer

G                             C
Another long day on the job, the boss is on my back
G                             C
Cubicle walls are closing in, and the “In Box” is stacked
G                                C
Work clock just ain’t budgin’, it’s barely quarter past
G                           C                       C
It’s Happy Hour somewhere, and I need to get there fast

Em              D
Jonesin’ for a newbie
Em           D
Wish I had a brewski
Em………………   D……  C
Jonesin’ for a newbie, tonight
Just to make things right.

Went to see a show, of my favorite band
Ran to get some beer from the concession stand
But they wouldn’t serve me, not ‘cause I was underage
Fat lady said, “No more sales once the band goes on stage!”
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Walked into the pub, I saw a stunning girl
Drank myself some courage and I went to talk to her
Her name was Kate and she was great, and things were going well
But she wouldn’t buy me a drink, so now she can go to hell.

Drinking beer since 8 a.m., and I’m feelin’ good
Tailgate party, football game, livin’ like we should
Hit the store on our way home, grabbed a final case
Never thought that we’d run out, now how can I save face?

Threw a party for a friend, had a keg or two
Disbelief when we ran out. Now what was I to do?
So I started checkin’ floaters, searching for some brew
All I found were couple empty cups. How can this be true?

Sittin’ at the bar, waitin’ for the next round
Our lightweight friend who’s buying next, just fell to the ground
Got no money in my pocket, and I need a beer
Bastard lyin’ on the ground, just got carted out of here!

All our friends are gathering, another night on the town
I drew the short straw had to drive, and now I’m coming down
Dumbass friend in the back, just gave the finger to a cop
Lights are flashing, I’m pulling over, wishing it would stop!