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It Might Be You Tab

It Might Be You

Written by Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, Dave Grusin
Performed by Stephen Bishop
Original Soundtrack: Tootsie

Tabbed by:
Brenn Joseph Andres
Manila, Philippines 
e-mail address:
Please take notice of the chords i used before playing. the numbers after a key (ex: A1,A2,C1 - C5) is actually a broken chord, please be patient studying these chords/notes, it is neccesary to play it right.
If anyone has any question, suggestion or correction please feel free to e-mail.
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  A      x02220
  Am7    x02010
  A7     x02020
  A7sus  X02030
  A1     X02003
  A2     X02000

  B7     x21202

  C      x32010
  Cm     x35543
  C/D    x30232
  C1     x42000
  C5     X32033

  D/F#   200232
  DM7    xx0222
  DM7    xx0211
  D7     xx0010
  D/B    x20232
  D      xx0232
  D1     xx0003
  D2     xx0200
  D3     xx0011
  D4     xx003x

  Em     020000

  F#m    244222
  F#m7   242222

  G      320003
  G/B    x20003