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Shrinking Violet Chords

there are barely any bishop allen tabs anywhere, so i decided i'd learn tham and make my 
this is a pretty easy song and its very awesome so here you go.

G               E*
Oh my shrinking violets,
          D                            G
I left my Basket of inpatients at your door.
G                      E*
I bought my tulips for your two lips,
        D                  G
but the bulb don't burn anymore.
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E*                                     G
Ain't it a shame just how much rain we got?
    E*                         G
The April showers blot out the sun
   E*                              G
So much dear that your roots still rot
          E*              D       G
And we're waiting til the kingdom come.

Oh, my shrinking violet
I left my basket of impatience at your door
I brought my tulips for your two lips
But, the bulb don't burn anymore
The night chain rain will fall on us
The daffodil's struck down
But, in the morning, glorious
I will wait until the kingdom come