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Version: 7 Type: Tab

Deep Tab


Transcribed by: VJ Mercader
The Intro Tabs is very very very Correct, try it

Tuning: CAPO II

TAB 1(Intro,Verse 1&2, and Chorus)
      Pattern1	   Pattern2      Pattern3    Pattern4

Verse 1:
So this is what you mean
and this is how you feel
so this is how you see
and this is how you breathe
[ Tab from: ]
*TAB 2 Distortion
 Em        C
Sometimes, I know
 Em        C (Let ring)
Sometimes, I go down deep...

{{Lead does TAB 1 with Distortion}}
G    Em   C    D
     Ooh, Ooh, ohooh uooh...

Verse 2: (TAB 1)
Repeat lyrics of Verse 1 



Verse 3:(TAB 1)
Beneath the deep blue sea
touching every Breathe
All the slight of hand
For everything you've left



I Go down deep...

TAB 3: (Guitar Solo(Lead): with Distortion)
(On the Solo, Rythm Guitar palys Refrain Chords)

(Refrain 2: same tabs, same chords)
Sometimes, I give myself for you
Sometimes, I Know Down Deep...

(Guitar solo: Guitar 1)
*Play TAB 1 once, then play TAB 1 the second time
with Guitar 2 on distortion Playing TAB 1