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Sweet Louisiana Sound Chords

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From: (RPowell504)
Date: 4 Jul 1995 01:34:50 -0400
Subject: Crd: Sweet Louisiana Sound

Sweet Louisiana Sound
By: Billy Pilgrim
This is the first time I have posted to the news group.
I am missing a few lyrics here and might have some wrong,
but I think it is mostly right. I didn't include the intro
but I think it is just a simple variation of the chords in
the song. This song sounds pretty nice "acousticified".
Anyway any corrections/additions are welcome. Enjoy!!!!

E	A		E
Lookin' out from a hotel room
		    A		E
All alone on a Memphis afternoon

I've been waitin' for
this storm to pass
E		A		   B           E
Gonna clear a path and you can kiss my ass goodbye

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E          A		   E
I walk the streets Where Elvis lived
But they ain't never gonna crown the king
E			A
And I never felt that broken hearted
E	  A  	       B          E
I left before things ever got started

E				A
They got me on a riverboat driftin' down
E			A
Oh muddy water get me out of town
E	B      A  	   E
To that sweet Louisiana sound

E     A           E
Unerneath a neon light
Another ghost down Beal street tonight
E 		A
I Ain't out to hurt nobody
E		A    B            E
but I played hand I lost all my money
They've got the dogs out after me
E	A			B		E
They're diggin in the trash but there's no scent of me

E	A		   	E
Party boys out on Bourbon streets
Sweepin' them young girls right off of their feet
E	A		E
They got those love tatoos
Across their heart
E		A	    B		  E
They been...................... in Mardi Gras
E		A
Turn the jukebox loud as it can go
E	A		B	E
Pack 'em inside this our last show

(Chorus x2)

Driftin Louisana sound

Driftin down sweet Louisiana sound