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Unisex Chipshop Chords

Unisex Chip Shop – Bill Bailey


G       / Cadd9      / x2

      G		Cadd9		G	       D               Cadd9
I used to buy my chips from an oppressive chip shop regime.

G                                         D                                              
                                                                          The girl who 
there, she seemed happy,

        Cadd9                        G
But I knew it was not what it seemed.

Cadd9			D		G		Em7
"Do you want salt and vinegar?", was what they made her say,

      Cadd9			D
But in the language of the ghetto,

	        Cadd9			G	Cadd9
That means, "Help, I'm a woman in chains"

	      G		Cadd9
I wanted to free her.

In my dreams I would see her.
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   Am/B  C
Running naked through the woods round Rainham,

	        D			G 	Cadd9
If I had some tigers I'd train them.

	G	Cadd9
To protect her

	   Am			   D                          G
From the sexual fascism that was lurking, round the gherkins

G        /Cadd9     /x2

     G                       Cadd9                        G 		Cadd9
I'd lean across the counter and we would talk,

  G                          Cadd9                   G		Cadd9
I carved the name "Debbie" on a little wooden fork.

      Cadd9	                 D
But into the shop came a skinhead gang,

	G		Em
They snatched the fork from my hand.

      Cadd9		D		G		Em
Debbie, she looked at me, to assert my masculinity.

      Cadd9		D		G	Cadd9   G
I said "Oi!", they said "What?", I said "Nothing”