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Unisex Chipshop Chords

Fairly easy song from his dvd "Bewilderness"

D      - 000232
G      - 320033 
C (alt)- 032033
Dsus4  - 000233
Em     - 022000
C      - 032010

G                  C (alt)     Dsus4                 G
I used to buy my chips from an oppresive chip shop regeme
G                          C (alt)               Dsus4                   G
the girl who worked there she seemed happy but i knew it was not what it seemed
C                     D            Em               
do you wan't salt and viniger?  Is what they made her say
           C                  D               G[      Stop      ]G  
but in the language of the ghetto that means help i'm a woman in chains
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I wanted to free her, 
                     C                 D                      G
in my dreams i would see her running naked in the woods round Raynem
     C                   G
If i had some tigers i'd train em 

[ wait for a few bars]

To protect her
         C       [let ring]      D    [let ring]   G [strum normally]
from the sexual fashism that was lerking round the gerkin

G                    C (alt)              G
i'd lean accross the counter and we would talk
  G                  C (alt)  [   stop    ] G
I carved the name debbie on a little wooden fork
     C                    D                    G                 Em
When into the shop came a skin head gang, they snatched the fork from my hand
C          D             Em
Debbie she looked at me, to assert my masculinity 
I said OI!!!!
they said What?
I said nothing