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Love Song Chords


Am      - x02210        Cmaj7   - 032000        G7      - 320001
G       - 320003        Dm      - xx0231        C       - x32010
Fmaj7   - x03210        Dmmaj7  - xx0221        C/G     - 332010
E       - 022100        Dm7     - xx0211        F*      - 033200

Intro: Am Esus Am Esus

Am                         G               ~
  I was alone my heart was cold it was a stone,

              Fmaj7                               E
  my soul was lonely like a stone - there was no moss.

Am                            G                ~
  And when I danced I danced alone but then I did not dance

           Fmaj7                       E
  because I *was* alone.  So I did not dance.

Am                              G      _~_            Fmaj7
  I shuffled through life invisible to all the happy couples who would mock

  me with their merry laughter – “ha-ha-ha”.

Am                              G                          F
  The only sound I heard in my lonely silent world was the rusty hammer of my

        E                           Am
  heart nailing at the hatred in my soul.

E - G - Am (quickly)

[ synth strings ]

       G      Cmaj7
  But then you came,

                         Dm     Dmmaj7  Dm7
  and my life was turned upside down.

Dm7                               G7
  You showed me the beauty of the things that I had never seen.

          C                               [ Embellish with Cmaj7, C/G  and C ]
  Like a snowflake that melts on the eyelash of a startled deer.

         Dm            Dmaj7            Dm7
  Or the painting of a dog that wears a deerstalker[1] and

   G7                 Dm                 Dmmaj7
  smokes a pipe that made you laugh so heartily,

 Dm7                    G7          C   Cmaj7  C/G
  but I had previously thought was rubbish.

[ Tab from: ]
         Dm                 Dmmaj7         Dm7
  Or the duck that lands so clumsily on a frozen pond in winter

  but the intoxicating power of our love transforms this simple act into an

     C                                       Cmaj7
  anthropomorphic drama where Mr. Duck’s embarrassed and the other ducks are

    C           Cmaj7  C/G
  laughing (quack quack quack quack quack).

E/              Am
  AND THEN YOU LEFT!            [Flamenco Style]

G                            F                                E
  And I have died a thousand deaths and I will die a thousand more!

Am                         G          F                 E
  I thought you were an angel - you turned out to be a whore!

Am                              G                                  F         E
  And everything has turned to dust! Everything is infected with the plague!

E                                Am
  Why did you have to sleep with Craig?

G                        F                   E
  "Oh he's so sensitive, he's got a tattoo."

        F                                                   E
  Yeah, carving your name with a compass in my forehead was not enough for you!

  F*   E   F*   E

[ Flutes ]

Am                                      G
  The snow flake on the eye of the dear has turned to

              F                  E
  puss that oozes from an open wound.

F                                  E
  The deer now blind it stumbles into a ravine.

Am                            G
  The duck lies shredded in a pancake,

F                               E
  soaking in the hoisin of your lies.

Am                                   G
  The dog has moved from the pipe to 60 cigarettes a day,

       F                           Dm        E                    Am         G
  and coughs away his life in the cold neon research lab of your betrayal.

          F   G    Am
  Of your betrayal...(fade)

Love You Loads Nat!!