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Hats Off To The Zebras Chords

First off i couldnt believe how nobody before me has put this tab on the web.
Its an amazing song by an amazing artist.

This is only a simple chord progresssion and runs through out the whole song

havent been able to work out the slide in the intro but i will put it in when i know it.

The chords are

G         320033
Cmaj7     032033
D         000232
Em/Em7    022033  (you can play either, its just easiet to keep the fingers on the 3rd)


G  Cmaj7  G

add the slide after the G and kick out of the slide on the Cmaj7



G               Cmaj7
The horse, Is a noble Beast,
From the mustang from the west,
         Cmaj7           G
To the Stallion to the east.

        Cmaj7                    G
But the horse has a distant cousin,
     Cmaj7                G
It lives i do not know where,
         Cmaj7                G
But its message of racial harmony,
    Em/Em7               D    (hammer on 3rd fret on the 
when playing D)
Is one that we all can share.


      G        (Cmaj7 optianal)
Hats off to the zebra,
       Cmaj7       G
He is black and white,
Cmaj7        G                Em/Em7            D
He doesnt fight because there not very good at it.
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      Cmaj7          G
In a world of confusion,
   Cmaj7        G
We all need a sign
     Cmaj7              G
If only we could live side by side,
           Em/Em7            D
like the stripes on a zebras spine.

Hat's off to the Zebras,

The humble badger,
Takes a sip of mornin' dew
But he's totally colour blind,
   Cmaj7           G
So he cant judge you.
      Cmaj7              G
But the badger is a dreamer
    Cmaj7           G
The badger has a plan
    Cmaj7           G          Em/Em7            D
He knows that his destiny is to help his fellow man.


N.C.            G
Hats of to the badgers,
          Cmaj7        G
They are black and white
     Cmaj7        G
and they dont fight,
            Em/Em7                 D
except for mating rights and territory.

   Cmaj7               G
Black man and a white man,
   Cmaj7             G
Both they need to shave,
   Cmaj7      G
United by the badger brush
     Em/Em7                 D
Hes helping from beyond the grave.
Hats off to the badger
            Cmaj7     G
What about the tapir
      Cmaj7       G
half zebra half pig-a
 Cmaj7      G
imagine the 'stig-ma
       Cmaj7            G
but the tapir stands proud
                Cmaj7   G
hats off to the tapir.

Cmaj7         G
Badgers and zebras,
  Cmaj7      G
Skunks.. Oh yeah,
    Cmaj7        G
And ring tailed lemurs
Cmaj      G
Living together
In harmony
              D (strum)
And if the.. Killer whales can do it,
   (repeat intro)
why cant we.

Thats it...

i have updated it to inclued the entire song and chords and updated the intro due to 
sent to me.
work out your own strumming pattern by listening to the tune itself,