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Emo Song Chords

                        Bill Bailey's "Emo Song"
                   From "Tinselworm" Live at wembley dvd

Standard tuning
Tabbed by Jed

Em                 D                    C                  Am
Sometimes when I'm all alone, I like to touch sharp things,
B                    Em            D
I like to feel their sharpness, against my skin,
        C           Am     B                Em   
and the vunerabilty of the blood the flows within.
     D                 C               Am          B       Em
My useless blood, the carries the oxygen to my ungrateful heart.
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Em                          D
I press my hand against the hot milk steamer,
C                        Am           
I slash myself with the lid of a.. creamer,
Em                            D
I press my hand against the slushy wurer,
C                               Am               
I stab myself in the leg with a sharpened coffee stirer,
Em                      D              
The only way, the only way that you will see meee,
C                  C/B Am    B   
Is if I cut myself,    and I bleed on your panini,
I bleed on your panini...


Em                       D
I stole my pins from the notice board,
C                      Am                    Em
I pressed them into my hand and they spelled WHY? 
D                   C
Why did they spell why? 
Am            B                       Em
Because there weren't enough pins for oblivion
Em             D                 C              Am
Now I'm in the hospital, so much carmer now the rage has gone,


I think thats right. Comment if you see any faults and I'll correct them!
Have fun :P