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Dandelion Mind Chords

bill bailey - dandelion mind
tabbed by zozo (

chords for the entirety of it are just:
C	(032010)
Fmaj7 	(003210)


C                            Fmaj7
i'm a girl and i live in the clouds
               C                          Fmaj7
i float like a worm that dreamt it was an acorn
       C          Fmaj7
on the wings of a morning

C Fmaj7 (a few times, while the audience is laughing)
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      C                       Fmaj7	
i'm a girl, and i live in the sky
              C                  Fmaj7
like a cotton gossamer strand of thread
that unraveled from a dress that was woven from the 
thoughts of a mermaid

C Fmaj7 (a few times)

C                   Fmaj7
i've got a gossamer brain
i've got a dandelion mind
one *pft* and it's gone-

that should do it.
any fixes welcome, feel free!