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Ahoy Ahoy! 

This is my first tab for a band I found on  This is probably my fave song by them.
If you wanna learn how to play it, first listen to the song on (type in Bile in the search thing)
click the first link and play the song Legion.  Once you have accomplished that, come back. we go

Drop D tuning I believe

opening riff
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D 0---1---2---3---2---4---3---5
A 0---1---2---3---2---4---3---5   X 6
D 0---1---2---3---2---4---3---5

Verse riff

Jus let the bass do whatever and on the last note you strum

D -6-
A -8-
D -8-      i think...

Chorus riff

D 0---6---5                3---2---0
A 0---5---4  X 4  Then     3---2---0
D 0---5---4                3---2---0

After that it repeats it all over again.. ...