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Ballad Of Dan Toe Chords

Ballad of Dan Toe



G                      Em

Come all you cowboys and hear what I say

    F          C       F                  G

The legend of Dan Toe still lives today

G                 C

When I was a boy, I rode with a man

       G                F       G

...and I still can remember what happened to Dan.

He knew the frontier from the east to the west

Wore a lone star of silver, proud on his chest

He wrestled a cyclone or so I am told

He proved he was brave in those days of old (?)

When the rivers of Texas grew dangerously high

We kept Dan a laugin for fear he would die

And his tears would surely flow

To the gulf of Mexico


       D                    C          G

With a Navajo rug and a quart in his jug he would sing

    C          G

I remember it well

  D                                  C        G

A teacher of lessons his black Smith and Wesson would ring


Like a bell
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   C                          G

At night he would dance the fandango

       C        G

On the mesas outside of durango


The women would holler


And throw down a dollar


to drink from his well.


Dan told us stories before we'd retire

And spirits would dance round the flames of the fire

He told us of rednecks no long to have known

No long will those flickering campfires glown

Dan had a sweeheart who fear for his life

When a rattlesnake came between her and a knife

Dan Toe snuck up from behind her

And Danny took the bite from that ol' sidewinder

       C      Am

As the light of last sun faded from his eyes

    Em                    D

She kept Dan a laughin for fear he would die


And his tears would surely flow

                F        G

To the Gulf of Mexico



Dan's dead and gone and I'm growing old

And I never could save that silver and gold

But I still have my fiddle and I still have my bow

And I make myself (something) where ever I go



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