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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

#-------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of
#the song. You may only use it for non-commercial purposes. Any similarity
#to the copyrighted song "Two Sets of Jonses" is purely unintentional.

T   w   o     S   e   t   s       o   f       J   o   n   e   s   e   s
                    By Big Tent Revival

     This song is a beautifully done acoustic piece. It has a great
message, and sounds great! I saw another version on the OLGA, but it
seemed all screwed up to me! (Sorry, Schrist913!) If you have any further
corrections, E-mail me at, or, is that one is dead, try I take requests from almost any Christian group, and some
non-Christian as well. I WRITE THESE THINGS BY EAR, not using a computer.
It sounds great on a Gibson vintage-50s Model 703 (which I have!).

     This song can be played without a capo, but it is played with one
on the 2nd fret in the music video on "Open All Nite", and with a capo on
the 3th fret in the original album.

     C       E7     Am     G6     F     G6       F G6 C

        Wow! Did that look confusing? Here is a *simple* explination:
X  -  mute
/  -  strum, as in a chord
H  -  hammer
P  -  pull-off

        See? Oh, and if you have heard the song before, you'll know how
the tempo goes. And the strumming part - well...that's not "exactly" how it
is in the song, but -- *you* try to figure that stuff out!! :)  It sounds
good my way, however. Experiment! The chords above are the chord-forms,
which give the approprate notes.

Verse 1:              2nd time-------------------------------------------------------|
    C      E7     Am    | G6---------------------------------------------------------|               C /-//   / / -/-/  -/
                Chorus1                              Bridge1
   |               ^                 |  |               ^               |
   |               |                 |  |               |               |
   |---------------|-----------------|  |-------------------------------|
[ Tab from: ]
    Well, this here's a song about 2SOJ|
 Rothschild, Evelyn, Reuben + Sue (Bridge1)

        Writing tab is harder than I thought!! Okay, this is what you do.
Start on Chorus1, and sing what's under it (This here's a song...). than
repeat to the begining of the Chourus1, but when you get to where it says
2nd time, skip the rest and go to Bridge1.

    F     G6       F   G6  C

This is Bridge2.

So now, go:

"(Chorus1)Just for discussion, through random selection, (Bridge2) We've
chosen two couples who haven't a clue."

"(Chorus1)Rothschild was lucky to marry so wealthy, (Take 2nd ending to
Chorus1)Evelyn bought him a house on the beach (Bridge1)(Chorus1)Reuben and
Sue, they had nothin' but Jesus, and at (Bridge2) night they would pray that
he'd care for them each."
Chorus:          | I don't remember the name of this chord, so it will be G*
 C    F    C     |----------------------     FRETS-----------
And the rain came down,                 |      1  | | | | 1 |
         C       F          C           |      2  | 2 | | | |
And it blew the four walls down.        |      3  3 | | | | |
         C           F                  |-----------------------------------
And the clouds they rolled
     F         G*           F        G*  C
And one set of Joneses was standin' that day. (Bridge1)

"(Chorus1)Evelyns daddy was proud of young Rothschild, (2nd ending to C1),
worked for late hours to be number one. (Bridge1)(Chorus1)Just newlyweds
and their marrage got rocky. He's (Bridge2) flyin to Dallas, she's having
a son"

"(Chorus1)Reuben was holdin' a Gideon's Bible, (2nd ending to C1) He screamed
'It's a boy!' So that everyone heard. (Bridge1)(Chorus1)And the guys at the
factory took a collection, and (Bridge2)again God provided fo bills they


    F    /     C                     //
So what is the point of this story?
 F    /              C    //
What am I trying to say?
(Chorus1, take 2nd ending to chords ----
Is your life built on the

Rock of Christ Jesus, or
    Am                                G
A sandy foundation you've managed to lay?


G+|--------    <----  FILL-IN 1-|

"(Chorus1)Well needless to say Evelyn left her husband, (2nd ending...)
sued him for every penny he had (Bridge1)(Chorus1)And I truly wish
that those two would find Jesus be(Bridge2)fore things get worse than they
already have."

CHORUS again


         F           G6
There's two sets of Jonses
Which one . . .
Will . . .
You be?

Use Chorus1 and Bridge1 to finish the "L-eye dee D-eye" part.

E-mail or with questions, comments,
flames, counter-flames, corrections, clarifications, and requests!!