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Choose Life Chords

Person: Brian Dixen

song: Choose Life

artist: Big Tent Revival

tab: Choose Life By Big Tent Revival
Written By Steve Wiggens
Adrent/Forefont c1999
Tabbed by Brian Dixen

Verse 1
G                          Em
A choice is set before you now
          C                 G    D  
Living or dying blessing or curs-ing
   G                       Em
And know the time has come around
                  C                        G   D
To turn from your fighting and rest in his mer-cy

Verse 2
G                            Em
Trust the Lord with all your heart
                 C                    G  D
With all of your soul and all of your be-ing
     G             Em                  C           
Hold on listen and obey surrender your life
         G    D
Into his keep-ing
[ Tab from: ]
G           D               Em    B7               A    
Choose life, that you might live, the life that he gives
   A7        D
He gives you forever
G               D           Em            B7             A
Choose life the way that is true from the one that chose you
     A7        D
Your father in heaven

I don't know how this part goes because I don't have the CD but here
are the chords:

C   B7   Em   D

And the weight that you're under will be lifted away
And the world will wonder what happened here today
And you'll stand right there and say...

Their it is hope you enjoy the Bidge should be easy to figure out but I
will leave that up to you.

G  430044
Em 033000
C  043020
D  000343
A  003300
B7 030300
A7 003030