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Diggin A Hole Bass Tab

BAND: Big Sugar
SONG: Diggin' a Hole
TABBED BY: Benny Richard

This is a tune my brother taught me a way back and i though I 
would share it with ya's :)

Gary pretty much plays this for the first little while and repeats it often

G ----------------------|
D ---------------------*|
A ---000--0---0---000--*|
E ----------------------|

G -----------------------------------|
D -----------------------------------|
A ---77--5--3-3--5--3-----000--000---| [x2]
E ---------------------5-------------|
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leading up to chorus

G -----------------|
D -----------------|
A ---33-55-66-77---|
E -----------------|


G -------------------|
D -------------------|
A ---555--5--5--555--| [repeats 3 times i think]
E -------------------|

chorus contd

G ------------------------------|
D --------------5---------------|
A --0--3--5--7-----7--5--3--00--|
E ------------------------------|

It's pretty simple for me..  Just listen to the song a bit and you should figure it 
out and put all the pieces together..  

Email me if you find any discrepiencies..
or if you want to help me tab some more tunes!!!