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From: (Marc Bennett Hirsh)
Subject: CRD: "My Life Is Right" (Big Star)

And here we have another great unknown pop gem from the band whose
entire career was based on obscurity. Notes:

1) The Eb in the verses isn't realy a chord, it's just a walkup note.
    All you have to do is play the 1st fret on the D string. That's
    it. I'd put it in TAB, but it'd be lonely, since it's the only
    bit in that area that requires it. So just remember: Eb=1st fret,
    D string. Got it? Good.
2) There is some very cool acoustic 12-string guitar stuff going on
    underneath the "You give me light" part, but I can't get it
    exactly. Here is a rough approximation:
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      q e e e e e e   e q.^h   e3e3e e3e3e q q   (w)

    This isn't exact, and that's last bit sounds like "Unskinny Bop"
    by Poison (yeah, I know, it's really "I Know A Little" by
    Skynyrd), so I don't like it. But this is as good as I can do
    with this bit.
3) "My life's fun is wild?" Bell didn't really say that, did he?
    Well, it's the best *I* can do with it. Any better suggestions are
4) There is a piano in here, mostly doing the chords.
5) The vocal harmonies are a large part of this (and almost every Big
    Star) song. The most amazing bit comes during the "So right" part.
    The backing vox (singing "right") go from G to F# over the G-D
    change, and then they go back up from F# to G over the D-A
    change, making the A chord an amazing dominant 7th. This is, of
    course, a very basic expanation of what is going on here. I'm
    sure it's a lot more complicated, but this'll get you started.

"My Life Is Right" (Chris Bell/??? Eubanks)
Performed by Big Star
From the album _#1_Record_ (available on CD with the also-godlike
Transcribed without express permission by Marc Hirsh

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