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Date: Tue, 01 Jan 1980 05:09:37 +0100
From: St├ęphane 
Subject: b/big_soul/hippy_hippy_shake.crd

Big Soul (Kelleth CHINN/Caroline WAMPOLE/Adam NEWMAN)

Transcribed by Stephane Francois (

I don't have the lyrics, it's too hard for me to understand (excepted 
Le BRio,cause i'm french...)

If you have them, just send them to me thanks...

Intro :
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And try to do the pull off string by string as you strum them (it's 
a little bit strange, but try it !)

And you just have to do all the time :

Well girl ????????...    Hippy hippy shake

Don't say you ??????...  Hippy Hippy shake

G                        A

G			 E
??????   ...and then you break

During the bridge, just play the intro one more time !

I don't have transcribed the solo, sorry...
I don't know how to play it !

Take it easy !

|        Steph         |