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Kinsington Line Chords & Tabs

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Kinsington Line Chords

Intro riff and chords for verses:
	    G	      E  	  G	    E           G         E
E--------- -3-3-------0-0---------3-3-------0-0---------3-3-------0-0----|
B--------- -3-3--- ---0-0---------3-3-------0-0---------3-3-------0-0----|
G--------- -0-0--- ---1-1---------0-0-------1-1---------0-0-------1-1----|>>
D--------- -0-0--- ---2-2---------0-0-------2-2---------0-0-------2-2----|>>
A--------- -2-2-------2-2---------2-2-------2-2---------2-2-------2-2----|

            G      D     G       E
E--------- -3-3----2-2-- 3-------0-----0-0----0-0----0-0---------|
B--------- -3-3--- 3-3-- 3-------0-----0-0----0-0----0-0---------|
G--------- -0-0----2-2-- 0-------1-----1-1----1-1----1-1---------|
D--------- -0-0--0-0-0-- 0-------2-----2-2----2-2----2-2---------|
A--------- -2-2--------- 2-------2-----2-2----2-2----2-2---------|
E---0-5-0-3-3-3--------3-3-0-5-0-0-----0-0----0-0----0-0--0-5-0--|into G to start 1st verse

 G            E
  I work on a wreckin' wall
 G             E
  Just off the liquor tracks
 G         E
  Onto the shaky ground
 G        D
  Oh, I'm fallin' down
  G        E
  Hey, I'm ridin'
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 G          E
  A fool to confide
 G           E
  Hey, Eddie watch your name
 G              E
  Let that lady be your guide
  G          D
  Hey, she's comin' round
  G        E
  Hey, I'm flyin'      (into breakdown chorus which is tabbed below)

              G    D    Am        C
E--------- ---3----2-----0 -------0---------------|
B--------- ---3--- 3-----1 ---1---1---------------|
G--------- ---0----2-----2 ---0---0----0--0-------|back to G
D--------- ---0--0-0-----2 -------2---------------|
A--------- - -2--------0-0--2---3-3---2--3--------|

G        D                  Am    C
When the sleep gets in your eyes
G          D          Am    C
I'll be on Kensington Line
G        D              Am                  C          E
And I'll run my hundred miles Hey,don't you follow me tonight

Didn't like the look I see
Runnin' in the autumn leaves
Hasn't got a brain or peeve
G       D
Oh, the walls are closin' in
G        D
Hey, I'm headed out of here
G           D                  E
Oh, I never meant to leave you cryin'

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