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Chance Chords

Capo 2nd fret

Intro Am C Am G x 2

         Am                  G
All the rain came down on a cold new town

        F          C
As he carried you away

            Am                G
From your fathers hand that seemed like a fist

          F               C
Reaching out to make you pay

Break: Am C x 4

     Am                        G
He came like a hero from the factory floor

          F                C
With the sun and moon as gifts

         Am               G
But the only son he ever saw

          F               C
Were the two he left you with

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C   G          C         G     F       
Oh Lord where did the feeling go

C    G      C     G      F
Oh Lord I never felt so low

Solo: Am Am G G Am F G F Em

Break: Am C x 4

          Am                  G
Now the skirts hang so heavy round your head

          F                  C
That you never knew you were young

              Am                    G
Because you played chance with a lifetime's romance

         F                 C
And the price was far too long

Chorus x 2

Solo: C C G G Am F Am Am G

Chorus x 1

Solo: Am G F C x2

Chorus - End