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Big And Rich Chords & Tabs

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20 Margaritas Chords

20 Margaritas
Big and Rich

[This one is easy to learn.  Have fun with the vocals]

E			          A
There’s a boy names Billy, from up there in vergin-y
E				       B
He makes that lightning holler in them hills
E                        A
He’s got a recipe handed down from his pappy
E            B                   E 
And a shinny fifty gallon copper still

E			          A
There’s a boy name Jose makes the best guacamole
E                                  B 
And the hottest hot tamales in the land
E                    A
He knows how to grow habinaero
E                 B        A 
And he plays in a mariachi band
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I’ll trade you 20 margerita’s for your moonshine
E                                    B
Cause I like to have a party all the time
               E                       A
I’ll trade you 20 margerita’s for your moonshine
E                           B                 E
Cause I hear that stuff can really blows your mind.

[Verse 2]
When Jose met Billy, he was taquilia crazy
And a honky tonk’in cowboy drunk on a moonlit stary night.
Hose said Billy we ought to have a party and invite all the senoritas 
And just watch that full moon shine


A                  B              E
Now Jose and Billy became best of buddies
A			            E
And raised a lot of hell around the world
A                                               E
But they’ll never drink and drive, because they want to stay alive
F#			             B      A
And have time to gets all the lovely girls