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Scary Mary Chords

The other one uploaded recently was just disasterous... This one is more accurate 
and easier to work from.

Intro: C C/B C F Em F

C         C/B C       F
what must i have become
      Am                          F
to deserve all the shit that you gave me?
    C                 C/B C        F
the rocks look like a body in the river
    Am                 F
now i just wish that i could sleep
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G	Am		F
to keep me from thinking
        C         C/B 
but the thoughts keep me up
 C        F
its been two months since you
G	Am		F
taught me not to trust
        C         C/B	 F
but you kept your promise

G	Am		F
you made patterns on my face
G	Am		F
you painted pictures with my tears

and you did it again
                  F  G Em(stacatto)
i knew that you would
thank you for showing
                  F  G Em(stacatto)
me there's more

(Guitar bit, try chord progressions from previous verses)

wash off your hands
    C/B C        F
its time to let go
release them
give time to your heart
      C/B C          F
give time to your soul
                   (end on C )
release them all