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Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies Tab

This is the awesome first song from the new album "Puzzle". I transcribed it from the
1 show by zane lowe. Some of the tab might need some more detail but until i get the album
can't really sort it all out, but i'm still happy that this is pretty close to the song. 
all in standard tuning

Just palm mute this chord constantly, listen to the record for the timing.

for the bit in the intro, around 30 seconds in where he stabs some chords, play this:

then, around a min into the song there's a big build up which goes like this:
-6---7 -------------|
-4- ------4---------|

then back to the palm muted bit while simon sings "come on baby do you..."

then the song kicks in,

for the verses use these chords

     G#5   E5  C#5

Verse 1:

"I fear god because everything dies babe,"
"Gotta gun in the back of my car,"
"*not sure exactly what this line is, so imagine it was here :s*"
"i've had enough of your conselations"

repeat this again once, and then play this riff twice:
---00------ 00-------0---------------|

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Chords you'll need:
    E5  D#/B  G#5  D5 C#/A  B5  F#5

Part 1:

E5 D#/B    G#5
"I pray to god"
           E5     D#/B     G#5
"That your right before my eyes"

Part 2:

D5     C#/A      B5
"Bathed in white light"
      D5 D#/A        F#5
"With halo's in your eyes"

Part 3:

"Dont wanna waste no more time"                  "times what we don't have"
"Everywhere i look something dies"               "wonder when it's my turn"

Then at the end strum a B5 chord around 16 times, though again you should listen to the
for the rhythym.

And that's pretty much it. After the second time you play the chorus the song goes back
the intro bit, so just palm mute the same chord that's at the start of the song, then go
into the chorus at part 2 and it end's there, unfortunately!! As always, enjoy!

Music transcribed by Scott Cox.