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Dawn Tab

Song: Dawn
Artist: Bifnaked
Album: Purge
Tabs by: Kanjiono22

She Started on me-
she started on me
She started on me

For you im a good for nothing, youre mine
Red lipstick, red leaves fall on my knees like autumn
I miss cigarettes every single day of my life
when you make love to me, i close my eyes and prey you'll say goodbye

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Damn, she started on me
newley dawned it on me
she started on me

Bridge thing. or post chorus  thing? 
i dont know what to call it:

she's beautiful
She's beautiful
and i betchya dont know what love is
its just that you do not love me
cold wind whisperin in my lonely ear
Telling me that heartbreak is drawing near
you so hungry baby you;ll eat anything on your plate
I guess you dont come home no more, cuz you got a secret  date
Youve gotta hit me on the head a few time
so blind wiht wishes I cant see past your smiling eyes
I miss nicolas every single day of my life
Give me back all my __?__?____ ill show you right

bridge thing
and agian

I know that they lyrics arn't rite.
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