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Drive Chords

Drive – Bic Runga
from the album 'Drive'

Dm 	   Am(*)      Bb              C
I know its late and I know I ought to go
Dm	     Am(*) 	Bb		     C
Ride in your car no but please don’t drop me home
Dm          Am          Bb            C
My heads so heavy could this be all a dream
Dm         Am          Bb                   C
Promise me maybe’s and say things you don’t mean
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Bb	       C	         Dm
Rain fall from concrete coloured skies
Bb	     C
No boy don’t speak now you just 
Dm         Am(*)      Bb
Drive,    drive,      drive
Take (speed) me through make me feel 
Dm        Am
Alive,    alive
     Bb          C
When I ride with you

Keep my heart turning on the axles around you
Keep our love burning just like it used to do
Now just for us they could play our favourite tune
Lets not discuss all these things we cant undo


Dm		xx0231
Am(*)	        505500
Bb		x10330
C		x30030