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Date: 04 Sep 95 15:57:06 EDT
Subject: CRD:Liquid Wheel by Bevis Frond

>From Keith Hill

On A Liquid Wheel
(Bevis Frond-From the Woronzow Album "London Stone")
Woronzow Records Email:100646,
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G	   C		 	G	   C
Hey, Ol' Gopher in your rooms of white
G		   C      	   G		C
Did you really screw every chick in sight
When you were young?
			G	C	G	C
Just having your fun.
G			C		   G			C
You ain't dropped acid since you don't remember when,
G		   C		   G		C
But you blow a joint every now and then
Just to keep in touch,
		 G	C	G	C
But not that much.
D					C
Cos you thought that it would last,
D				 C
So you watched it moving past
		G	C	
On a liquid wheel, 
G	C	
on a liquid wheel.

Hey, Space Captaln won't you tell me more
About the Roundhouse and the bands you saw
But never got signed.
Your velvet trousers, well, they're somewhere upstairs,
You had lots of hipsters, but you never dug flares,
Or so you say,
Who cares anyway?
And the eyedrops taste so sweet,
But you somehow lost your feet
On a liquid wheel, on a liquid wheel.

Hey, Cool Daddy was it out of sight
In a field of mud on the Isle Of Wight,
Underneath a flag,
In a paper bag?
Well, yes it was, but for all you know
I might be lying, cos you didn't go
And you know I did,
You were just a little kid.
And there's nothing more to say,
We just let it roll away
On a liquid wheel, on a liquid wheel

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