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Date: 23 Dec 95 11:25:40 EST
From: cis 
Subject: Bevis_Frond

    By Bevis Frond
    From the album
"A Gathering of Fronds"

Here is a great BF song with one of his cleverest lyrics, telling the tale of a
mother/son relationship in question/answer format. The tune is simple but
effective and fun to play. Just play the power/barre chords throughout.

A5       B5     G5      F5
Oh you are a horrid child
Weak as piss and running wild
Suspect eyes, a studied glare
Hollow gaze and tile-hung hair
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Blame me not for the things I do
I speak in tongues I learned fom you
Never put your faith in trust
Just cover me with Motherdust

Oh you are a sight to see
Black sheep of the family
Hign on ego, sure to fall
A disappointment to us all

Do not lay your guilt on me
By hating what you wrong to me
For you and I result in us
Well cover me with Motherdust

Oh you are a foolish kid
If I'd have done the things you did
I never would have got this far
And you'd be wiser than you are

I have no manners to excuse
A privelege is to abuse
For what in life is fair and just?
Weel cover me with Motherdust

Oh you are a spiteful boy
Your sole concern is to annoy
The little lad I loved has gone
I wonder where I went so wrong

Impale me not on failure's spike
For we are very much alike
And people do what people must
Just cover me with Motherdust

For I'm your Child
I'm your Child
I'm your Child...

Transcibed by Keith Hill 100644, Or

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