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Date: 23 Dec 95 11:25:48 EST
From: cis 
Subject: Bevis_Frond: High in a

High In A Flat
By Bevis Frond
from the Album
"A Gathering of Fronds"
(Originally on Bucketful of Brains Flexi #7 and "Time Will Show 
The Wiser" Compliation)

Em 022000
F# 200230
G  320003
Am x02210
Bb x123xx - Played as an arpeggio 5 times (i.e 1-2-3-1-2-3...listen!)

Intro: (Repeat 4x) Slowly and arpeggiated
Em	F#	G	Am

Song: Faster and louder!!!
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Em	F#	G	Am		  Em	F#
			I'm high in a flat
G	Am		 Em	F#
  Overlooking your Town
G	Am		     Em    F#
   Im waiting for that non existent 
G	  Am	    Em	F#
service to roll Round
G	Am		 Em	  F#
   Im watching the rooves
G	    Am   Em	   F#
 From the 33rd Floor
G	Am	      Em	    F#
      Over to the Green	and purple
G	       Am	 Em	F#	G	Am
hills of the ----- shore
Bb			    Em	F#	G	Am
...I see through your walls
Bb		     Em	F#	G	Am
...To a communal hall
D		C		D
And in this city of the free
	  C			   D
You can come and stay with me
		C			 D
And you can look but you won't see, you won't see
Em	F#	G	Am

I'm high in a flat
On a dying estate
Waiting for my disproportionae fears to dissipate
The window is wide
The comfort is cold
Somewhere in the local ----- stairwell rides my soul

I see through your door
You're grasping at her
You took me in and was my friend
We never came out here again
I'll repay you in the end

I'm high in a flat
Overlooking your town
I'm waiting for the towers of ----- to come down
And nothing is real
And no-one comes near
I'll meet you in the air between the Straton(?) atmosphere

I look in you eyes
I take you to fly(?)
And you can say I told you so
To all your neighbours down below
But we'll be gone and they won't know

If anyone has any ideas about the missing lyrics, please let me know,
or if anyone knows the guitar break in the middle that is pretty cool.
Transcribed by Keith Hill (100644,2542@Compuserve.Com or
P.S. Sorry that it is a bit messy - It was tricky to transcribe!