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Date: 06 Feb 96 10:35:13 EST
From: cis 
Subject: Down in the Well.crd - Bevis Frond

Bevis Frond
(Nick Saloman)
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G	   B			C
George, another pint of winter warmer,
G	  B			C
See the bubbles rising, that's not right now,
G	   B			 C
Cans and bottles and the guilt of the disposer,
A		G
I was never one for preaching,
A		   G
You never know who you're reaching,
A	    C		      D   (E) G   C
But now I seem to do it most of the time,
B		C
Down in the Well	(x2)
B		C		G
Down in the well I hold forth.

Do I stand beneath a falling building,
Like some 1920's window cleaner?
Just an architect created pancake.
I was never one for running,
Ther's always something coming,
Wherever you hide it always finds you asleep,
Down in the well I sweet dream.

Down in the well I remain.

Nick Saloman: Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Martin Crowley: Drums

The solo is dead simple... Just listen and play along in open G major
pentatonic. Then move up to the 12th (15th) fret for the high bit.
If anyone can recommend a good tabbing program, I'd transcribe it, but
it's difficult to get the timing right in Notepad - sorry.
Comments and suggestions welcome.

Keith Hill 100644, or