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Its Only Natural Chords

Chords Used: Em 022000  C x32010  G 32033
             A  x02220  D x00232

VERSE: Em, A, C, D
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Em A C         D                    Em  A  C
Girl, your daddy's knocking on your door
       D                     Em    A
I hear your footsteps on the floor to me
C         D            Em  A  C  D
Stumbling back to your room
Em  A C        D               Em  A  C
Pain,  it is a thing I can't explain
       D               Em  A  
I only feel it when you go away
    C           D         Em  A  C  D
I'm waiting for you to return

      C                        G       D
Don't fight it if it feels good (Don't fight it)
    C                           G      D
You hide it but you never should (Don't hide)
      C                G       D
Don't listen to voices in your head
C                       D
What are you and me but monkeys in a tree?
         Em  A   C  D
It's only natural
           Em  A  C  D
Na-na-na-na natural

**Follow the same pattern for the verses throughout the rest of the song**