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Devil Girl Chords

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Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 01:37:35 -0600 (CST)
From: Trey Edward Troegel 
Subject: CRD: "Devil Girl" by Better Than Ezra

"Devil Girl"
from Surprise
Better Than Ezra

C G C G C G D Em (x2)

C	   G	  Em
Here's the story, 
	 D		  C
I took a country ride one day
	 G		      Em	   D
When the rivers froze and the sun began to grey

=>   * cool break that I don't feel like transcribing
	goes here

It was raining, I lost control and hit a tree.
When I looked up I saw a house in front of me.
*cool break
Well she let me in, there was magic in her eyes.
How I wish I could have seen through her disguise.
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CHORUS(x2):		C	     G	    C		 G
	And you sharpen your horns, light up the night
	    C	      G   D	       Em		    C	
	you twist and you turn, and it leaves you up in the air

	Yes she's wearing a power crystal around her neck.
	She says it helps her with her concentration.
	And she's chanting. Her words are healing my cracked head,
	but their meaning defies explanation

* cool break
notes: G A B C
       E D C

BREAK:	       Em	D		      C
	Made a fire, 	    I gave my life to her.
	Em	      D		   C
	Made a pact I had to keep. I sold my soul to her

	Tricked by a devil girl, I sold my soul to her...

	Time is running down, I could be crazy.
	I sold my soul for seven years of pain.
	But I'm looking back, and I'm thinking maybe.
	The mark you make, the claim you stake,
	these are the things remembered when you're gone.


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Trey Troegel