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Closer Tab

By Better Than Ezra
Tabbed by beachrowingdude8

E	022100
G#5	002200
C#m	446654
B	224442
A	002220

From and the morning light was breaking it goes between E and the G#5
(lightly strumming V listen to the song for timing) for a while until after
you get to until he opens up his eyes and the angels all look down.
During that it goes:
E	|--------0-0--|	Link
B	|--------0-0--|
G	|--------2-2--|
D	|--------2-2--|
A	|--------0-0--|
E	|--0-2-4-0-0--|	   (x2)

Then (The chorus):

even closer than this life

closer than your faith

Closer than the things that you hold dearly in your vain (lyric check!)
                  C#m                 B              A
(x2 same for next verse)
Then the link again
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After that you get back to the same basic E, G#5 idea. Repeat the link twice
again, then do the chorus twice (you can put a slide in if you want).

Then it goes to this riff:
something(don't know the words), solitude your peace of mind, holding out for
something less than touching the hand of god

E	|--x/x-x-x---x/x-x-x---x---x-x-x-x--x-x-x-x--x--|	(Riff #1)
B	|--x/x-x-x---x/x-x-x---x---x-x-x-x--x-x-x-x--x--|
G	|--x/x-x-x---x/x-x-x---x---x-x-x-x--x-x-x-x--x--|
D	|--7/9-9-9---7/9-9-9---6---7-7-7-7--7-7-7-7--4--|
A	|--7/9-9-9---7/9-9-9---6---7-7-7-7--7-7-7-7--4--|
E	|--5/7-7-7---5/7-7-7---4---5-5-5-5--5-5-5-5--2--| (x1 before, x2 during singing)

Then do the link twice,
Then it goes to the chorus 3 times, with an extra verse:

and the one thing that you both did perfectly
         C#m                B                A

C#m       A                C#m        A