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Date: Tue, 13 Jun 1995 00:25:42 -0500 (CDT)
From: Trey Edward Troegel 
Subject: CRD:Circle of Friends by Better Than Ezra

"Circle of Friends"
by Better Than Ezra
from Surprise

I make no claims or warranties on this.  If I got something wrong then 
please let me know.  And if you happen to know what in the hell the 
background vocals are saying then by all means let me know!

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D	     Bm
Well how the times have changed
G	       A/Asus2
Looking back it seems so clear now
D	       Bm	      A
Everything you wanted in your life
Everything is certain
D	Bm
Try and understand
G		A
put a checklist on your wall
D	      Bm	  	 A/Asus2
I am not what you think I should be

		 G	 Bm
	But your making amends
		 A	   Bm
	for your circle of friends
		 G	   Bm		   A
	And your trying to fit me to their mold


	Bm G Bm D
	Bm G Bm D

Verse 2:
	When you try and make decisions
	will you try and water this thing down?
	Look up once in a while, you'll see it's not so clear.
	The things you believe in are the things that's worth keeping
	Make a promise stand right by your word.

Break: (I'm not too sure about this)

	A7sus2	A

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