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A Lifetime Chords

alright, the main verse to this song is just F,Am, G, or at least thats the simplest way
to play it with chords. no capo or extra place of a normal G you can use cadd9
or something close to to corrections, awesome song, have fun with it.

     F      Am     G   (cadd9)
e ---1-------0-----3------3----------------------------
B ---1-------1-----0------3----------------------------
G ---2-------2-----0------0----------------------------
D ---3-------2-----0------x(0)-------------------------
A ---3-------0-----2------3----------------------------
E ---0-------0-----3------x(0)-------------------------
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  F            Am
Allie woke up 8AM
Graduation day.
Got into a car,
       Am              G
And crashed along the way.
And you were standing

On the hood of the car
Singing out loud
When the sun came up.
        F                  Am
And I knew I wasn't right,
But it felt so good.
            F                Am
And your mother didn't mind,
Like I thought she would.
          F              Am
And that REM song was playing 
In my mind.
      F                 Am     G
And three and a half minutes
               F      Am   G
Felt like a lifetime
                    F    Am   G
It felt like a lifetime