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Stay Chords

bm7	G5	bm7	G5

G5                        A4	
it’s always such a great surprise
to wake up to your disguise
you pretend you’re just like us
but you’re my piece of mind

you can take the mood I’m in 
	A4                             bm	
and turn it into something that’s alright
C2		G5
oh, it’s alright

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D2		A4	  em7		
things can get much better
D2		A4	 G5	
you might have to stay
D2	   A4     em7			
to make sure I never 
			em7/F#	G5
forget about today
			bm	G5
you might have to stay
			bm	G5
you might have to stay

I don’t really wanna know
how this story will unfold
I can only hope you’ll wait 
until it’s told

I go out and find my way
and you can do the same 
but I need all, all of you
I can be alone
but only when I’m holding you

you’re already there
the only ones here

chorus 2x
			bm	G5
you might have to stay

bm7 224232
G5  320030
A4  x02230
C2  x32030
D2  xx0230
em7 022030