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You Have Won Me Chords

Capo 2
Intro: (C2 G D) 4x 

Verse 1
Em7                               C2 
Grace you’ve shown me grace
Youve lifted my shame
Drawn me with loving kindness
Em7                          C2
Washed whiter than snow
                     G                                 D
You have redeemed and made me whole
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C2  G                 D                           Em7               C2
Jesus you have won me You have broken every chain
         G           D
With love and mercy
                 Em7                  C2            G           D
You have triumphed over death And you are worthy
                      C2        G        D
Of glory and praise

Verse 2
Love youve shown me love
By leaving your throne
By bleeding and dying on a cross That wonderful cross
That took all my guilt and sin away

C2                     G              D           Am
Shout it out and lift up one voice in worship
C2                 G            D             Em7
Sing it out until all the earth can hear it 
C2          G                    D                                  C2      G      A 
Jesus is alive and He saves He rescues and saves