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The Hard One Bass Tab

      Song: The Hard One
      Band: The Beta Band
     Album: The Beta Band
Tabbed by: Craig G Telfer

This is basically the whole song:

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Play it slowly at first to get it right, then as you improve play along with 
the CD.  Listen to the CD to hear how it sounds.

The rest of the bass is synthesised, but this is what you mainly need.  This 
song samples "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" by Bonnie Tyler, if you're 
intrested, and is from their eponymous album.

If anybody, like me, likes The Beta Band, or has anything to say about the 
TAB you can easily e-mail me at:

I have also tabbed "She Bangs The Drums" and "Waterfall" by The Stone Roses 
for the BTA

Thank You very much

Craig G Telfer